Rainy Day Fun!

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but aside from trying to start my own photography business and running a household of 4, I also run a daycare out of my home each weekday.  Yes.  I answered your question before you even asked it…I am very busy!  I have always wanted to be a hands on mom and take part in my babes daily lives.  In order to be home with them everyday, I decided to open my home to a few other children as well.  At a few points, I had 5 kids under the age of 4 at my house on a daily basis!  Right now, I have my Gracie who is 5 1/2, Ana is 2 1/2, Natalie is 2 and our little “Bub” is just 2.  There are definitely some fights, but all in all, they love each other and love to have fun together.

Rainy Day1

Rainy Day2

Rainy Day3

Rainy Day4

Rainy Day5

Rainy Day6

Rainy Day7

Rainy Day8

Rainy Day9

Rainy Day10Rainy Day11

Rainy Day12

Rainy Day13

Rainy Day14

Rainy Day15

Rainy Day16

Rainy Day17

Rainy Day18

Rainy Day19

Rainy Day21

Rainy Day22

RAiny Day23

Rainy Day24

Rainy Day25

Rainy Day26

Rainy Day27

Rainy Day28

DSC_0363 copy

Rainy Day29

RAiny Day30

Rainy Day31

Rainy Day31

Rainy Day32

Rainy Day20

Rainy DAy33


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