Just Us Twelve Times

I am rarely the one in front of the camera as I am always the one behind the camera.  I have been thinking about it more and more and was saddened by the fact that there are literally thousands of pictures of my babes, whether it’s by themselves, with their daddy, or with anyone else…but not very many of them with me.  I read about a photographer’s challenge that a photographer here in San Diego was doing with her son called “Just Us Twelve Times”.  You make sure to take a picture with your child, husband, dog, or whoever you want to be in the picture with you, once a month every month for a year.  I missed out on January, but I am going to continue this challenge for the rest of the year with both of my babes because I think I deserve those memories.  They deserve those memories.  So here are my pictures from my first “Just Us” photo shoot with Gracie.  We had so much fun!










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