The Babes

Since I talked about my babes in my very first post, I thought I should share some recent pictures of them!

"The Babes"

There they are.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?  My opinion may be a little biased, but you know what?  They’re all mine!  Gracie is 5.  Just recently 5, but she won’t let you forget that being 5 is a big deal & she can do so many more things now that she is 5.  Like cooking.  She made muffins completely on her own last week (I oversaw the project, of course, but that is for another blog)!  She is the most AMAZING big sister to that little guy sitting next to her.  Samuel is 20 months old.  He is a little ball of energy & love.  He adores his big sister & wants to be anywhere that she is.  I have never felt so blessed as I do when I’m holding these two babes in my arms.  I leave you with some more shots from this fun session with them.


The Journey

I have been taking pictures as long as I can remember.  Anything from people, to flowers, to abstract art (well, what I think looks like art).  I am completely in love with the idea that you can take these pictures, & if you store them the right way, you can have a memory forever. Some people don’t have a good memory capacity, but if you have a photograph of it, it will stay with you.  This form of storing memories is especially important to me now that I have 2 babes to think of.  I want to remember EVERYTHING about their childhood.  Of course, EVERYTHING isn’t being realistic, but I can sure take as many pictures as I can to remember the really important things.  I also want to share these memories with them & be able to tell them about the particular experience they are looking at in the picture.

I am on a journey.  To fuel my passion.  I have recently applied for a 6 month photography course meant to take you from an amateur photographer to a professional in those 6 months.  Not only would this help me financially, but it would give me a second purpose in this life (first purpose is being the best mama & wifey I can be).  Whether I get in or not, I am still going to pursue my photography passion to the fullest extent that I can.  I want it.  I need it.

So, I would love for you to come along on this journey with me as I grow & learn in my skills.